Top 3 scooters for sharing business in 2023

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At ScootAPI we know what parameters a scooter for sharing should match. We will answer the most popular question of our customers in this article – What scooter for sharing should be chosen?

Let’s go over the parameters very quickly, and then straight to the models. The battery should be removable – saves a lot on scooter fleet maintenance and service speed. And it should be high capacity and from a reputable manufacturer LG or Samsung. The larger the capacity, the less often you have to recharge it and send a scooter search command. The body of the scooter should be aluminum and not solidly thick for use in sharing. The wheels should be tubeless, the larger the diameter, the more enjoyable it is to ride. The scooter must have suspension! Otherwise, your users will be very uncomfortable using your scooters. There is a big guide written about how to choose the right scooter for sharing.

Suitable scooter models for sharing:

Electric scooter Freego v4.6 is representative of the budget segment but is very well proven by our customers in Ukraine, Indonesia, and Bolivia.

freego v4.6

Electric scooter OKAI ES400A is very good and it is used by large sharing operators, such as TIER. These scooters also work well with our customers and do not cause any problems.


OKAI ES400B is a copy of the previous scooter, but with one exception. The battery is external and it is more convenient to replace. The manufacturer also has a charging module for such batteries and users themselves can change the battery and go on.  OKAI released its battery charging stations this year.

okai es400b

These are the top scooters for sharing business, based on the real statistics of our customers and the entire sharing community. If you want to start your own sharing business you should contact us. And in the meantime, keep a business plan to launch kicksharing.