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Electric bikes for commercial use in the sharing business

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E-bike — OKAI EB100b
  • IOT module Built -in

  • Mileage up to 55 kilometers on one charge

  • Battery Replaceable

  • Power 350W

E-bike OKAI EB200
  • IOT Buil-on

  • Battery Replaceable

  • Miliage 40 km

  • Charging time 6 hours

  • Range  65KM (> 41 Miles)

  • Battery Pack  14 AH Lithium-Ion; swappable or non-swappable

  • Motor  DC brushless with hall sensors; 350W (for US); 250W (for EU)

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We proposed only tested and proven electric bike models. Choosing a bike will affect many factors: operation, maintenance, maintainability, mobility, user-friendliness, etc. Also need to determine the type of bike: electro or ordinary? But more and more people prefer electric bikes. 

What is required for quality bikes in sharing business? Availability of durable frame and wheels, basket for transportation of small luggage, lock system, bright color, good battery with elements from Samsung or LG. If you want to buy electric bikes for sharing, please contact us. We will not only recommend models but also connect them to our sharing business management software.