Stand With Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine

We are a team of software engineers

ScootAPI Team

Our core values

We lower threshold of entry into micromobility sphere by undertaking complex technical tasks
Fluent in English and Russian
The average age of our team is 33 years
We come from Belarus and have relocated our business to EU, Estonia
To help enthusiastic people build and develop their business
To change methods of transportation in all citites regardless of their size
To give urban dwellers a freedom of transportation
Our clients create an infrastructure of "smart" cities giving people more freedom in transportation

How we make the world a better place

Smart city
Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere
Urban mobility
CO2 emissions are reduced
The quality of life in cities is getting better
We started from CIS but quickly realized the worldwide demand for our services.

Now we have partners from Europe, the Middle East, South America.

We are oriented on the global market

Our current team
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