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How to start a scooter sharing business

How to open scooter sharing business

Find a software and hardware vendor. Coordinate the launch with the city administration, sign a contract with the software supplier, think up the brand and make the brand book, assemble a team, build an application, connect a payment gateway and sms provider, and connect scooters. Publish the application and launch the sharing. Read about what else you need in our full site on how to start a sharing business.

Where is the best place to start a sharing business?

We have created the perfect portrait of the city for sharing. Remember for yourself. 

This is a city with a well-developed cycling infrastructure, from 250.000 or more people, with tourist potential, a large promenade or plenty of parks, with several universities, and where the average annual temperature does not drop below 10 degrees and precipitation does not take most of the time.

How many vehicles do you need in sharing business?

It all depends on the city in which you launch and the place you want to cover. Usually, only from 5 to 10 percent of the city’s population use sharing based on our customer’s experience. If there is no competition, you can start with 50 scooters, but the standard plan for the launch is 300 scooters.

Where to buy scooters for sharing business?


You can order them from us having previously read the models in our catalog. We will take care of their shipment to your nearest seaport.

How to choose the right scooter for sharing business?

We explained this in detail in the article.

Is it possible to use ordinary scooters for sharing business?

You will be faced with several problems. These scooters are not designed for such operating conditions. They will not withstand physical exertion. They will crack and the frame will break. It is also necessary to equip the IOT scooter module and be able to connect it to the scooter. Civilian scooters do not have as much power as sharing. They are more expensive to maintain. That’s why we do not recommend it.

What kind of vehicles can be connected to your sharing control platform?

This is an electric scooter, electric bike, and electric moped (scooter), as well as everything that works on IOT modules Teltonika.

How much money does it take to start a sharing business?

To run on 50 scooters, you will need about $80,000 to purchase the license and transport, marketing, rent, and pay salaries.

How long does it take to pay back a sharing business?

According to information from our customers, the payback period is 2-3 seasons. That is faster than most businesses.

What kind of team is needed to run a sharing business?

A team of six people is sufficient for parks that can accommodate 300 scooters. A manager, a marketer, an administrator, a technician, and two people for picking up the scooters for charging.

Can I start a scooter sharing franchise based on your application?

Yes, you can. Our software supports multiclient. Separates reports and financial flows.

What payment options are available in your sharing application?

Purchase subscriptions, replenish promotional codes, replenish internal balance and buy replenish packages with bonuses.

What are the costs involved?

Connection fee (one-time fee) and monthly royalties. Adding a new language to the application and connecting a new payment gateway are charged separately.

How to calculate the financial model to start a sharing business?

Especially for you, we have prepared a file with all the variables to calculate the sharing of business in your city.

How much money can a scooter earn in sharing business?

The question is complicated because many things affect this figure: the city, the weather, the infrastructure, the quality of the scooter, and where it is parked. But if you take an average, a day on a scooter can make from 3 trips in Europe to 7 in the CIS. The average trip costs $ 4

How to choose a software provider for sharing business?

Pay attention to the following parameters: whether there are reports and analytics, technical support and response speed, stability of work, and the ability to update the software for your tasks, price, and functionality.

Manage a sharing company.

How to avoid vandalism in sharing?

This is usually decided by hiring a legal officer who solves such issues through the law and local authorities.