Technical Specifications

Range > 65KM (> 41 Miles)

Wheel 26 x 1.75” Puncture Proof Tubeless Tires

3 Speeds > 10KPH, 15KPH, 25KPH or local regulation

Incline Capability Pedal assist with torque sensor

IP Rating Connectors, IOT, Motor Controller, battery pack: IP 67; Vehicles: IP65

IOT Integrated with 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G and BLE Connectivity; GPS tracked; w/ backup battery; w/ multi tone speaker

Battery Pack 14 AH Lithium-Ion premium batteries; swappable or non-swappable, with smart BMS. IEC 62133 CERT.

Battery Lock Electrical lock controlled by IOT or mechanical lock

Lights Certified headlight, taillight & brake-light

Brake System Front & rear wheel: drum brake (90mm) with protective cover

Motor DC brushless with hall sensors; 350W (for US); 250W (for EU)

Security Anti-theft alarm; GPS tracked; integrated mechanical motor expansion lock; optional external “LOCK TO” cable lock solution (controlled by IOT)


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