Micro Mobility 2022: European Market Overview

Analytics and Research

In which country is it most profitable to start sharing? Where is the fastest-growing market for vehicle rental business? What type of transportation to choose?

Our article will answer these and other questions.

Market structure

According to the Fluctuo research, the largest sharing markets in Europe are Oslo, Paris, and Barcelona. And the fastest growing are Stockholm, Brussels, and Hamburg.

Common attributes of each city include:

  • a population of 250,000 or more;
  • high tourist potential: attractions, hotels, rich history, etc.;
  • availability of developed transport and road infrastructure, including bicycle paths.

Conclusion: if you find a city with similar characteristics, you can safely start sharing.


The cities with the most competition are Berlin, Bordeaux, and Madrid. 28 players are competing in the first market, 26 in the second, and 25 in the third.

Poland, on the other hand, has only 10 companies, so the launch in this country is the most promising. However, despite the unoccupied market, you still have to invest well to compete with the giants: Bolt, Tier, and Lime.


Sharing market is still growing. Over the last year, the car rental business grew by 11%, bicycles by 32%, and scooters by 38%. But the biggest growth is in electric scooter sharing with 124 %. Such high figures are related to the innovativeness and efficiency of this type of transport. Considering the latest events and rising prices of fuel, the growth of sharing is likely to continue.

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