Features of sharing business in Ukraine

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шеринг Украина

Now there is an opportunity for the shoring company in Ukraine. On the one hand, many big brands have left a large number of cities, on the other hand, the popularity of moving on scooters is growing due to the disruption of petrol and fuel supplies at petrol stations. 

People continue to live, though in wartime. A lot of them lost their jobs but found themselves elsewhere.

Insights from the Ukrainian sharing business

Sharing in the Ukrainian market is very different from all the others. The first thing we see is a higher number of trips per scooter fleet unit. If in Europe the average is 3 trips per scooter, where the average is 9, and sometimes up to 14 trips per day. 

It is not without its nuances. The culture of some people does not allow you to run a sharing without nerves. They can steal or damage or look for vulnerabilities in the system and try to use it. We nip such things in the bud quickly. The average cost of the trip is 45 hryvnia and lasts up to 5 kilometers. People are using scooters nowadays not for fun, but as a way to get to the right point: to work or to school.

We will tell you about the launch. The average check of large cities (more than 500 000 inhabitants) is more than 30 percent, while small ones (up to 250 000 inhabitants). Another important point in choosing a city is its tourist suitability. Such cities get 20 percent more than the rest.

Opportunities to launch a sharing business

Now is the time of opportunity to occupy the niche of those brands that have temporarily left the market. We have a few clients from Odessa who want to occupy the BOLT niche. They have one foot in defense of the country and the other in starting a business. These are the rules of the game right now.

If you are ready to start a business now and you have from $ 100 000, it is time to go into the sharing business with a profitability of up to 50 percent per year. We will provide transport

Threats of launching a kicksharing business

The destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is now a major threat to this business. This may lead to the fact that scooters will not be able to charge, and the base stations of mobile operators will stop working. To solve this problem, major funds are currently being allocated from the European Union in the form of money and equipment, as well as various drone protection systems