How much does it cost to develop a sharing application?

Sharing Business Getting started

Developing an application for sharing is a very responsible thing because it is a large investment and the most difficult here is not finding the money, but the right terms of reference and understanding of the topic, the features of the equipment, telemetry, and communication modules, integration with banks and payment.

management panel for sharing

Developing a mobile sharing application is only the tip of the iceberg, the main difficulty is the sharing control panel, and that is where the magic happens.

We started developing our application in 2018. And since then, we spend about 250 hours on development every month. We have invested 15,000 hours for 5 years. Multiply the average cost of an expert hour in your region and you get a significant figure. It is about 600,000 dollars in our region and 5 years. Surely, in your region, the programmer hour will cost more.

Why is it better to use our sharing application?

1 – No need to invest a lot of money at once.

2 – No need to understand the topic and do not waste your own time.

3 – No need to search and assemble a team, conduct interviews, and personnel testing. Currently, our team consists of frontend and backend developers, software engineers for payments and transport integration, the whole team of testing, support, and a couple more mobile application developers, a designer, business analyst.

4 – No need to configure servers and keep them running.

5 – No need to spend time writing instructions and maintaining code.

6 – No need to reinvent the wheel, all the functionality of the software is already invented for you and your needs.

7 – Quick customization of the application to suit your needs.

8 – The larger fleet, the more tasks, and the more workflows change. The application will have to constantly change as the fleet grows. New needs and functionality arise.

We suggest ordering a demo of our application to get acquainted with its functionality. We do not think we will return to the question of developing our rental application.