Features of the Sharing Business in Bali (Indonesia)

Sharing Business In-country Experience
Scooty from Bali

Indonesia is a very interesting region to launch a sharing business because of its large tourist flow, undeveloped public transport, narrow roads, amazing sunsets by the sea, and heavy motorcycle traffic.

Scooty from Bali


For those who will be launching a sharing business in Bali, it should be clearly understood that this business is not for locals, but for tourists and expats. Therefore, everything you do will be related to it, but more about that is below. Part of the audience will rent a scooter, but not everyone will risk doing it because they are afraid of traffic and the possibility of hurting themselves. Sharing appeared here as the usual type of transport for tourists from Europe and beyond.


The main client will be an expat or tourist, and therefore it will be difficult for such an audience to work on the image. People change all the time, they don’t live in the same place for long, and they’re not likely to come back here again. So, there is no need to take care of the brand and try to develop an Instagram account. All you need to do is put scooters in the right places and work with an affiliate network. It is the network that will decide when working with an expat audience.

Local Context

Local contexts include a mafia that you have to negotiate with to access the beach area. Such protection will give all the permits and look after your fleet of equipment. It will be expensive for locals and they will prefer other ways. The main hangouts are near the coast, which means the maximum concentration of potential customers there. They all want to watch the sunset and then drive back.


The towns and villages in Bali have small streets and rendering maps become a big problem. The problem is caused by a GPS error. For example, you try to finish the trip, and the system will tell you that you’re not in the packing area due to a navigation error.

The traffic pattern has peculiarities. There is a large highway that runs 5-10 kilometers off the coast inland along the entire length of the coastline. And the roads go down to the cities and villages and reach the sea. You have to take this into account when arranging your sharing park.

Fleet Management

The second important part after marketing is fleet management. The profitability of the business will depend on where you place scooters. It is necessary to provide sharing transport in the main points of concentration of people.

Where you need to put scooters regularly in the same places, near the highway and through roads that lead to the beaches, near the beaches, shops, and markets, places where tourists are brought.

Affiliate Program 

We found out earlier that marketing to outreach will not produce results. That’s why you need to expand your affiliate network. This can include retreat centers, fitness centers, gyms, bars, and restaurants. We discussed how to work with partners through the promotional code in this article.


The market with its features but knowing them can overcome everything. Bali is a very promising direction for sharing business and by knowing the nuances you will succeed. If you want to start a sharing business in Indonesia – write to us. We will provide software for sharing and transportation, and you will manage the sharing business.