Launching your franchise sharing business

Sharing Business Getting started

Dear, colleagues! Everyone dreams of business, and when it is, all think about how to scale it and get an even greater effect. In this article, I will tell you how to build your franchise for sharing business on the rental of bicycles and scooters, based on our white-label application for sharing.

What can our rental software do? Basic functionality – payments, renting scooters, starting and finishing a trip, communicating with support. What else is there? The Killer Feature is the transportation franchise.


What can a master franchise do? 

Create virtual units within the main account and allocate resources between them. All vehicles are grouped and tied to a specific legal entity. Financial flows are also divided between franchise and franchisee holders. The system of access levels for staff and adding new employees is also separated. Analytics and reports are available for the franchise as a whole, as well as for its cities or transport groups.  

What does a vehicle rental franchise provide?

The most important thing is the opportunity to scale the business.

  • Franchise protects against competitors coming in
  • Helps increase business profitability and reduces operations.
  • Maintaining a fleet of scooters becomes easier
  • Gains access to purchase large quantities of devices and parts
  • Gets access to more efficient skilled personnel
  • To system and centralized marketing

Why is your franchise better than someone else’s?

There will be no long negotiation or contractual restrictions, your brand can be sold, and the ability to scale and earn more.

Are you ready to start your own sharing business? And we are ready to provide our scooter rental software. And we will also help with the selection and purchase of scooters for sharing, marketing, and team.