Investing in the electric scooter sharing segment: a promising market and your opportunities

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Take a Look at the Electric Scooter Sharing Market

In recent years, the electric scooter sharing market has been growing rapidly. Increased attention to environmental concerns and the need for convenient and economical modes of transportation make it increasingly popular in cities worldwide. According to forecasts, the market for sharing services will grow by 18.8% by 2028, which opens up great investment opportunities in this sector.

Expected forecasts for the sharing market:

  1. By 2028, the number of users of such services is expected to reach 143 million.
  2. In 2024, the revenue from electric scooter sharing businesses is projected to reach 2.41 billion dollars.
  3. Based on the experience of our current clients, scooter sharing services pay off in just 1–2 seasons, allowing businesses to scale up quickly.

Your Real Opportunity — a Project in Finland

Right now you have the chance to invest in the Flash E Scooters sharing project, which is planning to launch in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, as early as April this year. Flash E Scooters promises not only to support urban development but also offers attractive conditions for investors.

Advantages of investing in Flash E Scooters:

  • High potential ROI: expected investment return is 30% per annum.
  • Growing market: Finland actively supports ecological and technological innovations, creating favorable conditions for project growth.
  • Financial opportunities: a country with a high standard of living is known for its purchasing power, with an average check much higher than in many European countries.
  • Environmental significance: investing in the project contributes to the development of environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

How to Become an Investor

Are you interested in investing and want to learn more about the Flash E Scooters project? Visit our partners’ page or contact us. We will provide all the necessary information and assist you in making an informed decision about your investments.