Improved map with filters and alerts in one window

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According to a survey of customers who have started electric scooter sharing with us, operational tasks consume an average of 30% of their working time. This is why the ScootAPI team consistently works on software improvements to expedite processes and generally optimize our clients’ operations.

The map on the main window of the ScootAPI admin panel is one of the most important components. It’s used daily by the teams of operators and technicians from companies partnering with us for kick-sharing. We have updated and improved the map to enable clients to track transport in real-time, avoiding the need to switch between multiple windows and constantly refresh the page. Now, you can get information and manage your scooter fleet and trips  in one window.

And these are not all the improvements and new features we’ll be discussing in this article. Let’s delve into the possibilities that await you in this update. Let’s get started!

Track your scooter fleet in one place

New interface and map auto-refresh

After the update, all scooter filters and alerts are now displayed directly on the map. You will no longer need to spend time switching between windows and tabs to find the necessary information about the vehicles.

Additionally, with the Auto Refresh feature, the map automatically updates every 30 seconds, ensuring that you always have up-to-date information on the status and condition of the scooters.

Image sourced from our client’s Vevi admin panel

Mobile version map upgrade

The map and admin panel are tools not only for operators, but also for technicians who service scooters throughout the city. To facilitate fieldwork, we have adapted the map for mobile devices. The full functionality of the application with all filters is now directly accessible from your phone.

Improved filters with customization options

As mentioned earlier, the filter panel is now integrated directly into the map. This makes it easy to monitor the status of electric scooters, which are displayed on the map as different points according to the color of the selected filter.

By default, the following status of filters are available in the admin panel:

  • Active
  • In a trip
  • On repair
  • Out of trip zone

At the request of customers, we add customized status of filters necessary for operation. To avoid cluttering the map’s appearance, we approach this matter individually and adapt the interface to the needs of each kicksharing owner.

Unlimited possibilities of the new filter panel

A new panel has been introduced directly within the map window, which includes filters that are important for business.

Last Trip: With this filter, you can track scooters that haven’t been used for  for a long time (up to 72 hours). For instance, if an operator notices that a particular scooter has been idle for an extended duration, it might be located in a less frequented area. This filter helps in monitoring such scooters and reacting promptly: drive around the city, collect them, and relocate them to a more popular location, such as a shopping center.

Battery Level: Previously, the software automatically highlighted electric scooters with a battery charge below 30%. Such scooters appeared on the map in yellow. After the update, you can filter vehicles by charge level, monitor scooters that will soon fail and temporarily block them. To do this, simply click on the scooter’s point on the map and change the status from “Active” to “On Repair” in the card, ensuring that no one rents the scooter until it’s recharged.

Security Filters. Perhaps the most crucial feature we’ve added to the new panel is the ability to filter the fleet based on “sensitive” categories. Theft and vandalism are common issues faced by kicksharing business owners. To monitor such situations and respond to them promptly, we’ve included the following states on the map:

  • No signal
  • Illegal movement
  • Out of trip zone
  • Fallen or overturned
  • Powered on without a trip
  • Stationary without a trip
  • Continuous vibration

Thanks to these new filters, you can receive real-time information about all emergency situations and quickly prevent them. For instance, if someone takes a scooter out of the authorized zone, loses connection with the scooter or it has fallen or discharged.

Enhanced Alert System

In addition to the new filters, we’ve improved our alert system to provide our customers with a more convenient way to receive notifications. Previously, alerts were sent through Telegram, but there’s no longer a need to switch between applications to monitor the situation.

Now, all alerts are displayed directly on the map. Operators don’t need to constantly monitor the state of each scooter because they automatically update their state and inform specialists of any changes. This significantly speeds up emergency response and ensures more reliable and efficient management of your fleet.

Utilize the advanced features of the admin panel

Remote Scooter Management

In order to save technicians’ time on fleet maintenance, we have expanded the capabilities of the admin panel. Now, directly within the scooter’s card, you can:

  • Unlock / lock the scooter or battery.
  • Reboot the electric scooter.
  • turn on/off the sound signal.
  • Set speed limits.
  • Turn on / off the flashlight.
  • Perform other operations specific to the particular electric scooter model.

If you need to quickly locate a specific scooter, you can do so with a single click using the QR code.

Updates in scooter cards

In addition to the ability to change the scooter’s state directly within the card, it now contains all the essential information about the transport: the time of the last trip, the user’s phone number during the current trip and the trip history. The most important aspect of the card is the alerts and the time of emergency situations, enabling you to track when and with which user the scooter left the authorized zone or lost signal if necessary.

Send push notifications to customers during their trip

After the update, kicksharing users receive push notifications directly during their trip. This helps to avoid emergency situations, such as if the customer leaves the permitted zone or if the scooter’s battery is running low – the system will automatically notify them.

The same applies to the user’s balance, especially if their account balance is running low. Push notifications work for all transactions related to the user’s balance:

  • Deductions for trips
  • Deductions for trip penalties
  • Manual deductions or top-ups via the admin panel
  • Top-ups through plan purchases
  • Top-ups after promo code activation
  • Top-ups as bonuses for parking.

Additionally, it is possible to send promo codes to users via push notifications.

Promptly respond to problems with the new feedback system

In order to understand the situation with the transport and identify potential problems, our customers spend a lot of time reviewing feedback. To respond promptly to emergency situations, we’ve added the for usability users to specify the problem category along with their feedback.

For instance, if an operator notices that several users have selected the category “scooter not working,” a technician can immediately go out and check the scooter without waiting for the operator to thoroughly investigate the situation.

Categories in feedback not only help to systematize and respond faster to user information but also to view statistics for each individual scooter: current status, average rating and personal comments.

In the Analytics section, there’s an available feedback chart that visually reflects the dominant categories of feedback kicksharing. This allows businesses to gain a better understanding of and cater to customer needs. This valuable information can help improve the service and ultimately strengthen their position in the market.

Would you like to receive comprehensive information about the capabilities of the admin panel and the application? Submit a request, and our experts will get in touch with you to provide free consultation. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance the management of your scooter sharing service!