How to use promo codes in scooter sharing and more

Sharing Business Marketing Tips
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Marketing in sharing is traditionally seen as one of the easiest aspects of dealing, requiring no special time or investment of resources. A client joyfully riding a branded scooter on the city sidewalks is the best advertising for the project, which regularly brings in new users. Relying on good numbers of natural customer inflows, many executives bypass the topic of increasing the effectiveness of their marketing. An analysis of the experience of our partners shows that sharers often forget the easiest free tools to attract and retain customers, which could increase profits.

It is easier to keep a client than to bring in a new one. 

A loyal client is the most important asset to your service. It is the one that brings the most profit, enables you to forecast and plan accurately, and talks to others about your service.

The primary task is to enhance customer loyalty.

You need to consistently stimulate the customer and show them that you appreciate them. For this purpose, the Scootapi platform supports a promo code scheme for recharging the user’s account.

For which activities can you reward your user?

  • completion of the first trip or the first recharge
  • the first purchase or service subscription
  • the number of times you top up in a time slot
  • parking in the places convenient for the service
  • settlement of disputable, conflict situation

Affiliate marketing in the sharing business

Creating a network of partners is a good opportunity to start selling outside the city streets. Look for projects with a similar target audience and negotiate mutually beneficial conditions.

Where can I find partners? And how to get started?

  • cooperation with co-working spaces, offices, and event location
  • cooperation with hostels, hotels, where guests can use a promo code to travel around the city
  • cooperation with catering and food service institutions
  • cooperation with sports halls, cinemas, quests, stand-up platforms, student organizations, hobby clubs, educational centers
  • cooperation with organizers of major open-air and open-air events.

Processes for working with partners in sharing.

Audience Analysis

Conduct 10-20 conversations with regular customers, clearly define their motives (sharing – entertainment or a way of traveling), interests, and desires, and understand what influences their consumer behavior.

Client Portrait

Based on research data, structure the information collected, and identify socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age, occupation, income level) and leisure preferences. Draw up a profile of the customer

List of sales channels

Based on the portrait of the client, create a list of places that your client is likely to visit, break it into segments according to the type of activity of establishments

Work on databases

Once the list of suitable destinations is determined, start collecting a contact database from each destination. Look for contacts (mail, social networks, phone) of business owners or decision-makers.

Communication and offer

Use social media as the most effective tool, perform autostreams, and analyze feedback. Talk about your indicators and convince your partner that you can increase their customer flow at your own cost.


After launch, collect feedback from clients and adjust the affiliation program.
Some examples of affiliate marketing

Some examples of affiliate marketing of sharing business


When the customer pays for the order, the establishment gives him a booklet with a discount code to top up the account and a QR code to download the application. Or promo code with a QR code will be printed on the receipt.

Fitnes center

When the customer buys or extends a membership, invites a friend, etc., the establishment gives him a booklet with a promo code for sharing or sends its electronic version to her e-mail.

Language schools

The institutions themselves decide how to reward their clients (lesson fees, high performance, invited friends) and give them a booklet with a promo code.

Example of the date base

LinksPartner TypeCoverage of target audienceAddressE-mailContacts
pizza.comFood-point120к. app
sushi.comFood-point120к. app

Work with bloggers

In marketing, stable and efficient advertising distribution channels are key to sales dynamics. Therefore, a modern blogger as a magnet for an audience with common or similar interests can help develop your business. His advertising of your sharing is increased favorably from your target audience, which builds on trust and reputation. Search for bloggers who do content for people in your city on various platforms: TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

What can you offer them?

Followers are open for the blogger to use your service almost for free through a referral program or pay for advertising integration. Share promo codes with them for each first exit of their target audience.

Help them boost follower activity. Grant refill promo codes for joint contests and draws.

Up to 40% of your customers use scooters for entertainment. Develop creative experiences for them.

Performance marketing is rapidly spreading through the kickshare industry to get users’ attention with an unconventional approach. Bring your interaction concepts, quests, and puzzles that can entertain your user before/on/after the ride and encourage their activity with promo codes.

One example of this approach:

Driving on Points.

You find 3-5 points in the city beforehand, place QR codes with links to tasks and tips on how to find the next point. The person who finds the last point gets a link to the promo code.
These promotions can be applied with a theme as “Get to know your city”. This quest can be completed either by scooter or on foot, attracting new customers. The promo code is limited in the number of uses.

It is important to our business that your scooter’s function and earn money. That’s why we offer all our clients a marketing strategy audit. Once the audit is complete, we will provide a list of recommendations for implementation. Contact us.