How to Build a Team for Your Business: Scooter-Sharing System

Sharing business

Today, we talk about how to assemble a team that will effectively and efficiently implement a transport-sharing project.

Team members for transport sharing business

In our opinion, a team consists of 6 key positions that should be filled by specialists. The first position is for the technicians, who recharge and maintain your fleet and keep it in good technical condition. The second is a marketing specialist. The third position is an operator who oversees the entire process from above. You also need a security specialist, a call center operator, and, finally, a product manager.

Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.


You will need two kinds of technicians: those who understand electronics and those who are responsible for mechanics.

Technicians who deal with electronics can be found at service centers that repair laptops, mobile phones, and household appliances. Mechanics can be hired in car repair shops and services that deal with mopeds or bicycles.

You may have a question: why are two types of technicians hired?

Electric vehicles have both mechanical and electrical parts, and people must work in synergy. When there are specialists who know both components of the vehicle, they can share their experience, and the process of repairing and maintaining the fleet in a high technical condition will be more efficient.

This is a simple job, but it needs to be done well, so it is important to hire a team of technicians at the rate of about 25 scooters per 1 technician. That is, if you run 100 scooters, then you should have 4 technicians. Be sure to include these costs in your business plan to calculate how much this model is margin in your city.

Marketing specialist

It is a person who attracts an audience and keeps it. When choosing a marketing specialist, you should pay attention to how a person thinks. If they pay attention to the numbers, and to how your client thinks, this specialist deserves their place on the team. Hire them and take care, as soon as they understand what tools work and what don’t.

Security Specialist

The risks of vandalism and theft are quite high, so the third member of the team is a security specialist.

The security specialist may be a former police officer or security forces member, perhaps even a military. This is the person who understands the law. They know where the border is, which cannot be crossed, and they are aware of the procedures for recovering funds from the attacker back to the company through the courts.

The security specialist deals with cases of theft and vandalism. You sleep well while they fully take over their duty. Preferably, it should be a middle-aged man who is quite active and can raise his voice and resolve the issue on the spot. It is advisable to cover the first cases of vandalism and theft in the media so that people know about the presence of such a specialist in your team and that they are working properly. It is desirable that this person has a jurisprudential background, so a former policeman is still suited better.

Furthermore, it is important that the security specialist understands that clients are mostly good people who use transport sharing, and sometimes there are such cases that they simply do not understand the system. So the person must be adequate and treat your user as a trustworthy person initially. And then, if the user has proven otherwise, then the security specialist applies sanctions based on local legislation.


Next, you will need an administrator. This is the person who is like a falcon that soars over your entire fleet and sees what is happening in it, informs the technicians exactly where attention and recharging are needed, finds suspicious nuances, and notifies the security specialist about them.

The operator has their own account in the back office, where all scooters, trips, and payments are visible, in short, absolutely all information on the project.

Call center manager

You will also need a call center manager to join the team. They help to deal with the problems that users have while using electric vehicles. This is the person who will quickly be able to help your client solve their problem on the spot. If there is such a person, then the experience of using your service will be positive.

Let’s imagine that a user has difficulty. They are able to call, they are answered and reassured, a solution is suggested, and the client is able to solve their issue. If the user hasn’t figured it out and has no one to call, then this is a negative experience, and your marketing specialist’s efforts will be in vain because the client leaves your system in such cases. To attract them back, you’ll need more resources and efforts in marketing. Therefore, the call center operator is an elf assistant to the marketing specialist and maintains your customer base.

Product Manager

The sixth player on your team is a product manager, the link between all the participants in the process. If there is an important task that does not belong to the competence of any particular specialist, the manager takes it themselves.

As a business owner, you can be the product manager at first. And we advise you to be them at the initial stage and raise a person next to you who will replace you when the time comes to expand. So that you can give your right-hand man the entire operating system and focus on global tasks.

How to Build a Team in the Sharing Business: Collect Them All

Today we talked about the team, and we hope that this information was useful for you. We wish you to assemble a close-knit business team that believes in the project and what transport sharing does: free cities from traffic jams and exhaust gases.

If possible, gather initiative people who are really committed. Such guys will give all the best because they understand why they do it, what benefit they bring to the world, and how they change it with their actions.