SEGWAY Max Plus X – a model that is great for scooter sharing. Now it is the headliner of the entire SEGWAY line of scooters

The SEGWAY Max Plus X has an improved construction, high performance, convenient and stable movement, multifunctional control panel and interesting design.

Max plus X

Technical Specifications

The scooter was designed as a commercial scooter, so it has all the necessary qualities for use in the scooter sharing business.

Power reserve55 km
Replaceable batteryYes
Battery cell manufacturerUnknown
Charge time4 hours
Maximum speed25 km/h
Branding capabilityfree for orders of 1000 units or more
Maximum load100 kg
SuspensionShock absorber fork

Scooter frame

The frame of the SEGWAY Max Plus X is made of durable aluminum alloy. All electrics are safely hidden in the case of the scooter, so there is very little chance of damaging it accidentally.

The degree of protection of the model is IP67, which guarantees reliable protection against moisture and dust. The rear shield, covering most of the rear wheel, prevents dirt from getting on the biker’s clothes!

The front shock absorbing fork works well with all surface irregularities, allowing the rider to feel no discomfort while riding. When parking, the scooter is placed on a sturdy double footrest.


A smartphone holder with a wireless charging function is mounted in the central part of the steering wheel. 

Another feature of the SEGWAY Max Plus X is the backlight on the body. It makes the scooter more visible in the dark.  In combination with the bright turn signals, lensed headlight and lamp, as well as reflective cataphotas, it will be very difficult not to notice such a vehicle.

Moving part

The distinctive feature of the model is the difference in the size wheels. The front wheel has a diameter of 12 inches and the rear has 10. The larger front wheel increases rollability, improving performance. Dense rubber tires with polyurethane filler provide wear resistance and puncture resistance.

For effective braking, the scooter features a reinforced dual braking system.


The battery capacity is 15300 mAh or 551 W/h. Such a battery allows one charge to overcome up to 60 km.

It takes four hours to restore the battery from scratch. The battery is removable and placed in a special compartment under the frame. The battery is interchangeable, therefore is no need to wait for a full charge every time.


The SEGWAY Max Plus X has a top speed of up to 25 km/h. The 400-watt motor increases off-road and uphill performance.

Scooter customization option

For the scooter sharing business is important not only for the reliability and durability of the transport but also its appearance. That is why our company gives you the opportunity to paint the scooters in your company colors when you buy more than 1000 units at once.

About the Brand

In 1999, American engineer and inventor Dean Kaman founded SegWay. The company began producing individual electronic vehicles, which almost immediately became very popular.

During its more than 20-year history, the company experienced various stages, there were ups and downs. In 2014, Chinese manufacturer NineBot bought SegWay.

Today, the company employs over 1,000 people and has headquarters in the United States, China and the Netherlands.

The popularity of the brand today is based on the fact that in their transport the developers of «Segway» embody reliability, comfort, innovation and sustainability!

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