Smart electric scooter OKAI ES400V in simple and elegant design – one of the most reliable models for scooter sharing.

It is characterized by the strength of the construction, reliability of the parts and the new intelligent 1080 p camera system. As well as a distance of up to 50 km with a speed of up to 25 km/h and the ability to climb uphill up to 25°.

Technical Specifications

The OKAI ES400V is one of the leading models in the urban electric vehicle market. It is designed especially for companies involved in the scooter sharing business:

Power reserve50 km
Replaceable batteryYes
Battery cell manufacturerUnknown
Charge time6 hours
Maximum speed25 km/h
Branding capabilityfree for orders of 300 items or more
Maximum load100 kg

Scooter frame

The model is made of aluminum alloy, which is used in the aircraft industry. When parking, the scooter rests on the double parking stand.

The maximum load is 100 kg. Dimensions – 120x52x122 cm. Weight – 32,3 kg.


Moving part

The OKAI ES400V is powered by a 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheel. A solid tire with rubber and polyurethane protector provides reliable durability.

The double hydraulic suspension absorbs shocks from all uneven surfaces.


The presence of three removable batteries at once with different tanks, as well as the presence of a front 1080p security camera. Braking with both mechanical and electric brakes.


The replaceable 13 A*h, 47 V lithium battery has a protection class of IP67 and provides a mileage of up to 50 km. It is possible to install the battery on:

  • 14.7 A*h with a range of up to 55 km;
  • or 19.2 A*h for a distance of up to 73 km.


The rear-wheel-drive motor with a power of 350 W allows you to drive at a speed of 25 km/h and climb uphill at an angle of 25°.

The braking system is represented at the front by a mechanical drum brake and the rear by an electromagnetic mechanical drum brake.


The new ZK200 IoT module has built-in local video and image analysis capability. A more robust positioning system provides centimeter-accurate location information from the RTK base station.

The ES400V comes with two status indicators that ensure the operator is instantly aware of the status of any scooter.

The intelligent camera system has a 178° viewing angle. A 1080 p camera enhances the ride experience. Obstacle detection, lane indication, intelligent parking, and video recording ensure safety. The characteristics of the security camera include:

  • alley warning –  camera detects the line on which the scooter is going and displays a warning to stay in the right lane;
  • video recording – while the scooter is driving, the camera is constantly recording and analyzing the environment;
  • obstacle detection – field of view 178° provides instant detection of potential obstacles around the scooter.

About the Brand

OKAI is owned by the Chinese company Zhejiang Okai Vehicles Co., Ltd founded in 2006. The OKAI plant of more than 50 thousand square meters is equipped for production of up to 120 thousand. units per month. The company aims to update the vision of urban vehicles based on the use of sustainable fuel. The company focuses on extremely fast production capabilities while maintaining world-class quality assurance.

OKAI is a world leader in the electric vehicles industry with its headquarters in Berlin (Germany) and scientific developments in China.

ScootAPI supplies electric sharing vehicles installs sharing business management software and provides maintenance. If you have any questions, please contact our managers.

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