ACTON M PRO 3.0 is a reliable, easy in use and maintain electric scooter. It has strong iron and «high-speed brains» with instant API integration.


Technical Specifications

The ACTON M PRO 3.0 has all the advantages you need for sharing scooters:

Power reserve55 km
Replaceable batteryYes
Battery cell manufacturerSamsung
Charge time5 hours
Maximum speed30 km/h
Branding capabilityYes
Maximum load100 kg
SuspensionShock absorber

Scooter frame

The IoT module is integrated into the frame for tracking the location and operating parameters of the scooter. The frame is made of high-quality metal, which allows intensive use of the model. All cables are hidden inside the frame for avoiding damage and vandalism.

Connector protection class – IP67, electronics – IP64-66, and frames – IP65. Therefore, the scooter is protected reliably even in the strongest downpour.

acton m3 pro

Moving part

The ACTON M PRO 3.0 has a mountain bike fork suspension with maximum shock absorption when riding on obstacles. The electric scooter has a mechanical drum brake and an electromagnetic motor brake on the rear wheel.


The replaceable 17.5 A*h lithium-ion battery is made according to the patented Top Swap technology. Therefore, ACTON batteries have increased reliability and stable operation.

With a full charge, you can drive 55 km. It takes 5 hours to recharge.


The maximum speed of acceleration is 30 km/h. This is enough for sharing tasks.

Scooter customization option

We offer free customization for the scooter sharing business in cases of purchasing more than 300 units at once. We brand the scooters according to your corporate style!

About the Brand

ACTON is an American company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Their main mission is to make eco-friendly electric transport for people anywhere in the world.

The company started with an «adventurous project» on a crowdfunding platform. And they invited users to donate money for the world’s first electric-powered rollers. The idea suited many people and the first half of the amount (50 thousand) was collected in a matter of time.

Since then, the company has been pleased with new developments, including scooters, electric scooters-transformers, and even electric skates.

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