Stand With Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine
We offer you to become an owner of an electric vehicle rental business

Thinking about buying a franchise or starting your own business?

Marketing support and training of the team with the support of ScootApi
Connection to the platform with the support of ScootApi
This is a per-minute rental service for electric vehicles (electric scooters, electric bicycles, mopeds)

What is sharing business?

  • Return on investment for 2-3 seasons
  • Profitability up to 50%
  • Fast business start-up process

Why is it profitable?

Difficulties faced by an entrepreneur when launching a business in other fields

Bars, restaurants, cafés

Looking for a place with a lot of traffic
Worrying about inspections by government authorities
Doing renovation or interior design in another person's place
Purchasing of cooking equipment
Storing food
Thinking about supply chains and the quality of suppliers
Training of numerous staff


Requiring a lot of start-up capital to buy equipment and materials
Taking a long time to find the right place
Organizing the logistics of the supply and shipment
Observing environmental protection standards

Real estate

In need of monitoring the condition of the property and maintaining it
Large threshold of entry for money
Low margin comparing with sharing services
Return on investments for more than 5 years

from $50,000

Startup costs

Is it expensive?

Definitely yes!

Is sharing business easier?

Financial advantages of the electric vehicle rental business

Simple accounting
Few staff members for start
Low standards for place
Not a single bank can boast of such returns. Just by depositing your money, the most you get is protection against inflation.

50% profit of the invested funds

Selection and purchase of e-scooters
You won’t be paying rent, salaries, and other charges for months while the business is being set up or the facilities are being repaired. Get results all at once.

Quick first money

Payment System for coonection witn ScootAPI Platform
The payback depends on various factors, but in general, our partners return their investments in an average of 2 years. We will do our best to ensure a quick return on your business.

Payback for 2-3 years

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