Report for rental business

For a business to be effective, you need to know its condition. Our business sharing control panel allows you to build reports on the following parameters:

Total trips – parameter showing the total number of trips in the system made by all scooters.

Average number of trips – number of scooter trips. This parameter is used to estimate the right number of scooters in a certain location and is also a kind of profitability indicator. In Europe, it is considered an average of 3 trips per scooter.

Average ticket for a trip – a parameter for estimating the average ticket and competent compilation of promotions and subscriptions. It also helps to calculate the financial condition of the business.

Money for trips – funds that came from charging money for a trip from the balance or the customer’s card.

Subscription money – our system allows us to set up subscriptions for customers who make regular trips.

Bonus accruals – these are accruals for the referral program and promo codes, and payments for solutions with technical support.

Total accruals – the sum of all other accruals or working capital of the company.

Reports can be built for different periods and apply them to different types and groups of vehicles. For example, if you have a franchise module connected, reports can be both general and individual franchisees.