You won’t find a better one for this price

кикшеринг бизнес в Украине

This is Dmitry. He wanted to make an application for sharing scooters but decided to launch through ScootApi in Ukraine. He works in Mykolaiv and Ternopil.

Quick tips from Dmitry CEO of Kobi

  1. Decide on a scooter manufacturer. This is important
  2. Purchase the right amount of repair parts
  3. People are more likely to choose a scooter over a bus or cab
  4. People do not take well to sharing scooters 

Why you should work with ScootAPI

  • Reliable supplier contacts
  • Help fight the competition
  • Application branding
  • Launch assistance
  • Maximum assistance: spare parts
  • Speed of response to questions 
  • Price: for this price you get a lot of practical information
  • Listen to their customers