Stand With Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine
We have developed functional and easy to use apps for the most popular platforms. As a result the users become our loyal customers

Mobile apps

Finish trip
Parked E-scooter
Menu with Pass
Booking card
Map with messages

Apps functionality

Detailed summary after the trip
E-scooter after the trip
Wallet in the app
Payment Methods
Payment history
Detailed summary after the trip
Automatically top up the internal wallet
Integration with Apple Pay and G Pay

Functional payment system

Loyalty bonuses

Top up the balance via admin-panel
Promotion in the app
Bonuses on your internal wallet
Top up the balance via admin-panel (in controversial situations)
Bonuses for inviting new users (referral system)
Get bonuses on your internal wallet for buying big packages

User-friendly functional interface

Tech support via Telegram and WhatsApp
“How to use” tutorial
“How to use” tutorial
Tech support via Telegram and WhatsApp
You will get a customized app to match your corporate style

Customized apps

Customized menu in the app

Manage trips

A detailed trip history
Map with multibooking
Different pass options
A detailed trip history
Review and rating opportunities
Rent several e-scooters simultaneously
Different pass options
We publish the app from your accounts. Thus you can manage it in the AppStore and Google Play Market.

What guarantees your security?

Step by step settings

Online-tutoring to show all the possibilities of the ScootApi admin panel
The owner creates accounts with limited access for engineers, administrators, and support managers
We receive your logo and brand colours
We register the account for bulk SMS
We test the app and publish the final version
You can download our demo app in the AppStore or Google Play and check the functionality available.

Get the tutorial how to work with our app

Users’ feedback about our apps
Tatyana Naumenko
about service Ewings
A marvellous app! I registered with ease, added the card and took the first trip. The scooters have a good battery and a good mobility. You can leave it anywhere you like in the permitted area which is very convenient. A bit pricy for me though.
Olga Gnatyuk-Degtyareva
about service Ewings
I used the E-wings service. I liked it a lot! I downloaded the app and the registration took only 5 minutes to my greatest content. I received all the information and help by telephone call. The operator was polite, helpful and attentive which was very pleasant. I was very happy with the trip! It is very convenient! I mixed business with pleasure from riding! I would recommend it!
about service Bovi
Denne aktøren er definitivt den beste på markedet. Fantastisk kundeservice og flott konsept. Kommer til å bruke det videre!
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